​MasterEmaco N 307 - Single component polymer modified fairing coat. Cosmetic mortar for concrete surfaces


How does MasterEmaco N 307 work?

MasterEmaco N 307 is a single component acrylic polymer modified repair mortar for use as a "fairing coat" or cosmetic mortar. When mixed with water, as directed, a fine grey trowellable mortar results which can readily be applied to fill in pores, blowholes and blemishes on a concrete surface.

MasterEmaco N 307 can be used as a 'skim' coat prior to the application of protective coatings.

MasterEmaco N 307 is specially formulated to produce a shrinkage compensating mortar with no cracking when applied in a thin section. Adhesion to concrete and flexibility are excellent. 

Where is MasterEmaco N 307 applied?

  • As a fairing or skim coat to cover and make good blemishes in concrete surfaces such as slight honeycombing, blowholes, defects caused by 'sand runs', patch repairs, shutter movement and grout loss.
  • Preparatory treatment to concrete to receive a thin film protective coating.
  • To produce a uniform surface over repaired areas 

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco N 307?

  • Precision made, consistent results.
  • Requires only the addition of mixing water.
  • Shrinkage compensating.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Flexible.
  • Smooth, easily produced finish.
  • Low permeability
  • Excellent resistance to freeze / thaw action and carbonation
  • Reduces ingress of water borne salts, such as chlorides and atmospheric / chemical attack.
  • Subsequent paint coats can be applied with greater economy. 

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet​ 

Specification Clause


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