​MasterEmaco 8100 AP -  Single component epoxy based zinc rich primer for steel


How does MasterEmaco 8100 AP work?

MasterEmaco 8100 AP is a single component, solvent borne zinc rich epoxy primer, providing active galvanic protection to steel. It is a thick grey liquid of paint-like consistency, recommended for use where chloride induced attack on steel and concrete is involved.

Where is MasterEmaco 8100 AP applied?

  • As a protective coating to steel reinforcing bars in concrete.
  • As a touch-up primer for damaged galvanised metal.
  • As a primer for steel substrates prior to suitable top coating.

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco 8100 AP?

  • Provides positive protection of steel components against corrosion.
  •  Excellent adhesion to steel.
  • Easy to use single component material.
  •  No pot-life restrictions or wastage.
  •  Short overcoating time.

Production Information

Technical Data Sheet

Specification Clause


MasterEmaco 8100AP_TDS

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