​MasterInject 1335 - Single component polyurethane injection resin for sealing of cracks in concrete


How does MasterInject 1335 work?

MasterInject 1335 is solvent free, single component polyurethane, foam certified for contact with potable water (Drinking Water) .

What is ​MasterInject 1335 used for?

MasterInject 1335 is recommended for: 

  • Pre injection of cracks and joints in concrete 
  • Sealing of flowing / leaking water through voids cracks and joints in concrete structures
  •  Filling of water bearing voids

What are the advantages of MasterInject 1335​?

MasterInject 1335 is a solvent free, injection and filling material based on Polyurethane resins. The product reacts particularly well under wet conditions. 

  • Reacts in moist surroundings 
  • Good bonding to wet surfaces 
  • Stops running water

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet​

Specification Clause


basf-masterinject-1335-tds: Single component polyurethane injection foam | MasterInject 1335

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