​Fire protection

Sprayable thermal barriers for fire protection

BASF, under the Master Builders Solutions brand has developed MasterRoc FP 1350 for the fire protection of underground structures. This unique cementitious thermal barrier can be spray applied or cast in-situ, and eliminates both explosive spalling and the structural deterioration of concrete and steel reinforcements during extreme heat events.

MasterRoc’s high-performance cementitious fire protection coatings are ideal for both new tunnel construction and existing unprotected tunnel linings. With the ability to withstand thermal shock without losing strength, these protective barriers significantly reduce repair time and costs after tunnel fire.

Our fire protection mortars deliver a substantially higher compressive strength compared to conventional linings, and are durable throughout service life and during a fire.

MasterRoc FP 1350 offers the following durability properties:

  • As a fully bonded system, any distress in the structural lining will not be masked by the thermal barrier, thus allowing for effective inspections for cracking and water ingress.
  • The required thickness of the thermal barrier can be applied in one layer, permitting enhanced structural integrity.
  • No protective coatings are needed; compatible with tunnel paint systems.
  • Chemical and impact resistant.

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